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How Monitizer gives EURAC Poole Ltd a real-time view of their foundry

EURAC specialises in the casting, machining and distribution of brake discs in the automotive industry and foundries around the world are on a digital journey with the goal to enhance operations and productivity. 

That journey breaks down into four steps: you collect, visualise and analyse the data, and then you intervene – applying what you’ve learned to optimise your processes.

Click on the video to witness the case study from EURAC Poole Ltd. and see 
first hand how Monitizer’s data helps spot any emerging problems fast, and provides the tools to the right solution. 


Build the solution you want

The Monitizer Digital Lab team evolves and enhances the digital infrastructure that underpin our solutions, as well as developing the core building blocks of our modular IIoT platform, Monitizer.

Our data gateway NoriGate together with Monitizer | DISCOVER can digitally enable almost any type of industrial equipment, streaming, displaying and analysing data from all across production - or stand-alone from a single machine.

Specific tools and applications are built on top of this, to address specific challenges. Whether it’s detecting the causes of scrap on a moulding line or cell, optimising energy use of a holding furnace or slashing abrasive consumption of a shot-blast machine.

Many of our process-specific tools have been co-developed not just with experts at our brands, who form part of the Digital Lab team, but also with our customers.

The latest version of Monitizer | DISCOVER has been completely redeveloped to make it much easier for customers to adapt and configure the solution, build their own dashboards and mini-applications, empowering them to accelerate their move to data-driven production.

Monitizer | PRESCRIBE harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help foundries optimise their whole process, not only moulding or pouring. It's proven to significantly reduce scrap - on average by 40% - and thereby increase profit.


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