About Norican Digital Lab

Applying Industrial Internet of Things knowledge to today’s digital foundry

Looking for digital solutions that solve real-world foundry problems?

Software specialists alone can’t give you the answers. In our industry, cutting-edge technology deployments require complex application knowledge to deliver value.

Here at Norican Digital Lab, our team combines profound foundry and manufacturing experience with state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) knowledge. We mix data scientists with process engineers and IoT developers, led by managers steeped in foundry wisdom – and who can code in Python too.

Founded in 2017 Norican Digital lab functions as a central Norican Group R&D centre for all things digital.  With a deep understanding of our customers’ worlds, our team appreciate the challenges you face – and they know how to build and implement digital tools that make a real difference to your production.

They understand where foundries are on their data journey: where to look for the largest, quickest gains, which data to collect and use, and which problems to tackle first.

From connecting equipment and setting up standardised IIoT infrastructure to machine learning, they know what is digitally possible.

And, in partnership with experts at DISA, ItalPresseGauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator, we can make digital happen for you too.

Norican Digital Lab

How we work

Norican Digital Lab believes the best is yet to be built. We constantly scan the horizon for new technologies that we can apply to our industry. Continuous innovation and improvement are in our DNA.

To succeed, we’ve learned to ask the right questions. Where? In our collaborative customer design workshops. They bring together our digital IIoT and technical knowledge with our customers’ ideas about what can be improved, what needs fixing and where the potential lies in their own process.

By understanding your goals, your pain points and your specific needs, we can precisely focus our IIoT-based solutions on the right applications and turn your requirements into targets for our R&D.

For fast results, we employ agile software development, working with external digital partners, universities and specialists where required. We often achieve in days what would take months in-house.

We deploy new products and services in short pilot projects at customer sites where results quickly verify whether a concept works or not.

Once proven, our most successful initiatives become ready-to-deploy Norican products accessible to the wider market.

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Do you love technology AND industry? Constantly generate ideas and are quick to learn and adapt?

Join our small, fast-moving business with its hierarchy-free, start-up culture and you’ll collaborate closely with customers while enjoying plenty of entrepreneurial freedom.

Yet, at the same time, you’ll be working across a premier engineering group with $600m in revenue and more than 48 global locations. You’ll connect with an international network of industry experts, developing industrial IoT products that will shape our industry’s digital future.

Norican Digital Lab makes a serious difference to our customers’ businesses.
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Partnerships that prepare you for the future

Nobody can do everything on their own. To implement digital transformation in your business, we work with trusted partners to co-create state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 solutions.


We know foundries and how they work, DataProphet really knows AI. Our industry-exclusive partnership with DataProphet, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for manufacturing, offers a proven route to dynamic process control for the full range of foundry applications. 


We employ Azeti's proven, scalable cloud-based IoT platform as a base for our IoT solutions. Our partnership reduces project cost and risk while increasing deployment speed.

Norican partners with DataProphet to accelerate adoption of artificial intelligence in the foundry industry

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