Monitizer® – fast forward to Industry 4.0

Turn your data into value

Monitizer® is Norican Digital Lab’s Industry 4.0 platform, proven to deliver real value to foundries

Flexible and scalable, the modular Monitizer suite of products builds on our NoriGate IIoT gateway that acquires data from any machine or sensor – not just Norican’s. Whether you’re casting iron or melting aluminium, Monitizer fits your process.

Start by collecting and storing data centrally, then Monitizer’s easy-to-use, browser-based interface opens up access to reliable historical and real-time information.

With a complete digital view of your foundry operation, troubleshooting problems becomes faster and easier. As you learn from the data and enhance your processes, casting quality, uptime and productivity all increase.

Norican helps you every step of the way, from plugging in the first machine to automated process analysis and optimisation.

Accelerate your digital journey with Monitizer

We split the digital foundry journey into four phases. Each phase builds on the previous one to enable data-driven optimisation.

Monitizer® works across all equipment. Click on the link below to see the suite of digital products for your equipment.

Monitizer® for metal melting and dosing

Connect your melting and dosing furnaces to create the full foundry view.

Digital furnace solutions

Monitizer® for die casting

Accelerate and automate your digital die casting journey.

Digital die casting solutions

Monitizer® for shot blasting, shot peening and surface preparation

Make your blast equipment ready for the digital age.

More about Monitizer | Global

Monitizer® for moulding

Harnesses the power of data to help green sand foundries optimise their whole process.

Digital moulding solutions

Backed by Norican’s global reach and decades of expertise in all things metal, Monitizer is the Industry 4.0 solution that’s proven to perform – in your foundry, not just in the laboratory.

Monitizer: the path to your digital future

With Monitizer, you can find improvements at every stage of your digital journey:
Faster production, higher productivity
Radical improvements in quality and scrap rates
Lower costs, fewer staff

Collect process data from local machines and sensors, then feed time-stamped, structured and encrypted data to a central database.

  • Build a real-time digital view of your production, not just sub-processes
  • Eliminate silos that trap your data and kill its value
  • Start small, scale quickly
  • Delivered and supported by Norican’s application experts

Use customised dashboards, charts and graphs to report on and visualise real-time and historic data against KPIs – from a single site or a global network.

  • Understand what’s really happening – quickly and intuitively
  • Compare site performance: why is one foundry more productive than the other?
  • Troubleshoot faster: fix problems as soon as they appear, prevent stoppages and defects
  • SaaS cloud application for rapid time to value, easy data access

Advanced analytics work with clean, consistent data to understand and enhance the most complex processes.

  • Harness AI, machine learning and cloud processing horsepower for real-world results
  • Fine tune process settings, be alerted to problems
  • Implement predictive maintenance
  • Analytics as a service – easy to access and embed
  • Tell operators the next best action or setting in real time 

Bring real-time analytics together with process automation, start to move towards a “lights out” foundry.

  • Synchronise machines via the IIoT network, link processes, move beyond manual operation
  • Run cells and entire lines automatically
  • Constant automatic optimisation as conditions change

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Putting AI to work – on your bottom line

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can at times sound mysterious. And yes, it can be complex. But for our team and our partners at AI specialists DataProphet, it’s simply another – incredibly powerful – data science tool.

Manual investigation usually can’t handle the many variables and complex process interactions we find in our industries, especially in real time.  AI conquers that complexity. And enhances human intelligence to find root causes faster.

Our equipment-agnostic Monitizer®  | PRESCRIBE AI tool solves real operational issues, helping our customers work more productively and resource-efficiently.

It can consider how all the different operations on your line influence quality – and pinpoint the complex root causes at the heart of most process problems.

Without the help of expensive data scientists, it can determine which melt pouring temperature gives optimum results. Or forecast when a part will wear out – because real-time warnings are often too late.

These are the things that protect your profit margins and keep you competitive.